Friday Favorites – 10/25/19

Happy Friday! I’m so glad it’s Friday!! This was our first five day week in a few weeks and I’m ready for the weekend! I’m joining Narci and the girls to share my favorites from this week.

Favorite 1: BRACES!! Luke got braces this week and he’s doing so well with them. He picked red and blue for his colors because it matches his soccer and basketball team. We got a smoothie after his appointment to fill his belly with something easy on the mouth.

Favorite 2: BOOK FAIR!! The Book Fair arrived on Tuesday and we have been going full force all week. I love love love the Book Fair, but it takes a lot of work. We have preview week this week and then the buying starts next week. The kids’ excitement has been buzzing through the halls all week long!

Luke and one of our favorite teachers were doing Baby Shark with the book one morning! That’s a perfect way to start the day!

Favorite 3: PUMPKINS!! I ordered a few more necklaces from Cora’s Den on Etsy and I’m still loving them. Especially this pumpkin one!!
I picked up this cute pumpkin sweatshirt from Target and it’s so comfy! Kids loved it! Teachers loved it! I loved it, too! I love getting festive at our elementary school!

Favorite 4: BOOKS!! I loved this when I saw it online this week. It is most definitely true!

Favorite 5: TWO YEARS!! I started Sunshine and Books 2 years ago this week! Thanks for visiting and reading my little corner of the internet! I shared some of my favorite posts earlier this week.

That’s it for the week. I am coming down with a terrible cold that had me sounding like Kathleen Turner each morning. I’m trying to stay positive by reminding myself that a cold during Book Fair is way better than the year I got shingles during Book Fair. Way better!! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 10/25/19

  1. rawsonjl says:

    We often got smoothies or shakes after orthodontist appointments too! My son had the best time picking out his colors each month– that said I am so glad he finally had them taken off. The poor kid had them on for a good 3 or 4 years as my kids are notorious for loosing their baby teeth late in life and they had to wait for ALL of his adult teeth to grow in.

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