Hello Monday – 10/21/19

Happy Monday!! This is one of my favorite weeks of the year – the Book Fair is coming to my school! It makes for a crazy 2 weeks but it is also a bunch of fun! I am linking up with Tanya and the girls for Hello Monday!

We didn’t have school on Friday so our weekend started a little early. The weather was very fall-ish, freezing in the morning, a bit warmer as the afternoon went on, and freezing again in the evening. Kourtni and I took our boys to Piney Run Park to burn off some energy in nature. They all had a great time, but Collin was our nature leader. We saw snakes, spiders, hawks, owls, and turtles at the nature center. The boys saw deer on the trail right in front of them. Kourtni and I followed along and had a great time catching up.

I took the boys to the batting cages after the park because Jack had a baseball tournament that started Friday night. It was fun and Jack felt adequately warmed up.

Later that night, Jack’s team played at 7. He’s never played under the lights before and was super excited! Jack played pretty well, even though their team didn’t win. It was FREEZING so we broke out the hand warmers, blankets, winter coats, and boots to cheer on our boys.

On Saturday morning, we woke up to chilly sunshine. I took Jack to warmups for his game and went for a run. **I have a confession to make. This was supposed to be the month of one mile, but I just couldn’t do it. I ran 2.** The sun was warming the day up and it felt great. Jack’s team didn’t win their game, but they played better than the night before.

We headed over to Luke’s soccer game right after Jack’s game. The referee didn’t show up for the beginning of the game, so it was Jeff the Ref to the rescue. Jeff stepped up and offered to be the ref so the kids could play their game. He did a great job, but was pretty happy when the official ref actually showed up. Luke’s team won the game and Luke did a great job!

We are doing homeschool religious education this year and are a few weeks behind. We started getting caught up on Saturday afternoon before dropping the kids off at my parents for the evening.

Jeff and I had a Halloween party on Saturday night. We went out to dinner with friends before hand and then headed off to the party. I bet you’re wondering where we are. 😉

We woke up to rain on Sunday canceling Jack’s baseball game. My parents were having fun with the boys and kept them until noon. Jeff and I went on a gym date and then picked up groceries.

I didn’t leave the house after that. I made chili and read, napped, and got ready for the week. The boys were getting a bit antsy so we had them burn off some energy in the basement.

I finished my book, Husband Material by Emily Beldon. It was a little slow at the beginning, but I loved the way it ended. This book comes out on December 30, 2019. I got an advanced reader copy from NetGalley. I’m going to add Emily Beldon to my author to-read list.

Have a great week full of sunshine and books!

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