Friday Favorites – 9/6/19

Hello Friday, I am so happy to see you!! This back to school/back to work stuff is exhausting!! I avoided our fall sports and activities schedule until this week so it was a bit of a double whammy – work/school AND sports/activities. I have a week’s worth of favorites to share today, so let’s get to it!

Favorite 1: DOTTIE!! Dorothea Benton Frank is one of my favorite authors of all time! Her books introduced me to the beauty of the low country of South Carolina. I was so sad to hear that she passed away after a very recent diagnosis of MDS. After meeting her again this spring, I was looking forward to her upcoming children’s book and many more adult books. Her book The Hurricane Sisters is one of my very favorite books. I love her writing style, her stories, her love of the low country, and her humor. If you haven’t read her books, get to your library, bookstore, or kindle and pick some up!

Favorite 2: FIRST DAY!! We had a great first day of school! Jack started 5th grade, Luke started 3rd, and Jeff and I started our 18th year.

Jack’s last first day of elementary school. ❤️

The first day of school was also the first day with our new roof!

Our school has a courtyard habitat for turtles. One of the students spotted a baby turtle on the first day. It is as small as a quarter. Look how cute it is!

Favorite 3: POOL! The pool closed on Monday and we had a blast! We do have a social event there this weekend so the boys and I have been stopping by to check on the chemicals this week.

Favorite 4: HAIRCUTS!! The boys have been growing mullets this summer and decided to cut them off. They loved their mullets and I didn’t really mind the length in the back, but in the end they didn’t like having to comb their hair. 😂

Favorite 5: DOLLY! Did anyone else catch CBS Sunday Morning this week? I love Dolly Parton and her segment was absolutely lovely! Remember when we went to Dolly’s Dixie Stampede this summer?? ❤️

Favorite 6: WEATHER!! I love The Weather Channel any day of the week, but during a big storm I super love it!! Unfortunately when we switched to streaming, we lost The Weather Channel. I am able to watch it at school so it has been on in my back office all week.

As I’ve been watching, my heart goes out to the Bahamas and the East Coast right now. Dorian is causing so much damage and it is terrible!! Lilly Pulitzer’s picture is just how I feel. Sending sunshine and love their way!

Favorite 7: BRACELETS! I entered Kristy Woodson Harvey’s five days of giveaways recently and I WON!! I was so excited to get her email! These bracelets are so completely fabulous and I have gotten so many compliments already! They are Sassie Rocks bracelets and I am an instant fan!

Favorite 8: PINK GLITTER!! I have been looking at this tumbler on That Inspired Chick’s Etsy shop for almost a year. I finally decided to bite the bullet and I am so glad I did. I love this tumbler and the monogram!!

Favorite 9: VBH!! My favorite Starbucks drink is the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher. I know that I am going to be a little tired today because we had Back To School Night last night. On Thursday afternoon I had a stroke of genius. I picked up a a VBH without ice to keep in the fridge for Friday morning. Brilliant!

I hope everyone had a great week and an even better weekend! Our weekend has soccer, basketball, swim team, running, and lots of fun planned! I am hoping that there is also lots of sleeping in to get ready for a 5 day week next week.

Linking up with Erika and the girls for Friday Favorites.

Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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