Friday Favorites – 7/19/19

Happy Friday!! This week has been our first true week of summer without camps, vacations, or other things to do. It has been wonderful!! I’ve been enjoying it and haven’t made time to write a blog post.

Favorite 1: BOOKS!! We have been reading a bunch of different books. When Jack was in camp last week, Luke asked to go to the bookstore. And then, Jack asked to go to the bookstore with me last weekend. All these bookstore trips are helping me meet my July goals.

Favorite 2: CONVERTIBLES!! Jeff took Jack and a bunch of friends to basketball camp last week. He took the van to fit all the kids. I decided to borrow my parents’ convertible while Jeff had the van. Luke and I had the greatest time zipping around town in the “no lid car”. We listened to “Ragtop Day” by Jimmy Buffett all the time.

Favorite 3: CAMP!! Jack and his buddies had the best time at basketball camp. THere were whiffle ball games in the backyard at drop off and pickup each day. Some of the boys were on the winning 3-on-3 team and some of them were on the winning 5-on-5 team. On Friday, camp is over at noon so Jeff brought the boys to hang at the pool for a bit. They looked so cute coming in together in their camp shirts!

Favorite 4: MULLETS!! Jack decided to grow a mullet and Luke joined him. Our sweet Ms. Giselle, who cuts the boys’ hair, loves the mullets!! They got haircuts on Thursday and Ms. Giselle thought they looked so good that she wanted to take their pictures in front of the salon.

Favorite 5: SWIM MEETS!! When I was a swimmer, we had an extra meet – the Carroll County Invitational – every summer. This year, the boys signed up to swim in the meet too. Unfortunately, we had a thunderstorm and the meet was postponed for the first time in 33 years. The boys played a roaring game of war while we waited for the rain to pass. Jack chose to golf league instead of swim, but Luke swam. It was pretty cool to be a mom at a meet that I used to swim in.

Favorite 6: SUNSHINE!! It has been hot, hot, hot around here this week and the weekend is going to get hotter! I am loving this weather. We’ve been spending a bunch of time at the pool to stay cool and have some fun!

Favorite 7: SKIRTS!! I have been running in my Skirt Sports running skirts every day. They are perfect for this hot weather that we’ve been experiencing!

Favorite 8: SUMMER!! I am really loving the easy schedule of summer this week! I have been getting up early to get my workout in and then I don’t have to rush to get ready for swim team and the day. The kids have played with friends constantly! They are loving this summer schedule too!!

I picked up a few new books to read next week. Debbie at A Likely Story recommended them to me. I can’t wait to get started! Have a great week full of sunshine and books!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    It has been super hot here this week too and supposed to reach record breaking highs this weekend. Looks like you have all done a great job keeping cool. How wonderful to get to borrow the convertible for a day!

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