Friday Favorites – 9/14/18

Happy Friday! We made it!! This adjustment to back to school has been tough, more for me than for the kids.  I feel like I am rocking the school routines for the kids (homework, packing lunches, good dinners), sports routines (practice for swim team, baseball, and soccer and basketball tryouts), and as a media specialist/teacher I am loving this year, but as a person it’s been tough.  I haven’t been reading quite as much, blogging nearly as much, or running as much as I would like. I just keep falling asleep in the evenings.  I have hope that week three of school will be the week where I get back to running more than 1-1.5 miles a day, reading more than a few paragraphs before falling asleep, and back to a regular blog posting schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday with some surprise Tuesdays and Thursdays thrown in there. Fingers crossed everyone!!

I am linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea, as usual, so enjoy!


Favorite 1: ANNIE!! My sister Annie came to town for my cousin’s wedding and it was so good to see her! We talk all the time, but seeing her in the flesh is always a favorite.  On Friday afternoon, my mom, Annie, and I road tripped to Charlottesville, Virginia for the wedding.  They let me drive (whoa!) and we made it there in one piece.  My mom only used her brake once and Annie used hers twice. 😊 I didn’t take a single picture (whoops) but there were lots of laughs and some serious life conversations between the Kacmarski ladies. ❤️

Favorite 2: LILLY SALE!! I have been a Lilly Pulitzer sale shopper since it was called the Endless Summer Sale in August.  I usually do really well and I feel like I did again this year. I picked up the boys’ Easter shorts for next year at half price and a bunch of great finds for myself (cardigans, sweaters, shirts, dresses, shorts). I exercised very little restraint and can’t wait for those brown boxes with the red and clear security tape to start rolling in.


Favorite 3: GIRLFRIENDS and RUNNING!! I’m pretty sure this is a favorite for everyone. Girlfriend time is so good for the soul. I had a great run with Erin and Jodi during soccer practice.  We powered up a BIG hill and had some wonderful converstations.  The combination of running and chatting is so good for my whole self!!


On a side note, the Charlottesville community of runners and running observers is also a favorite this week. I went out for a run on Saturday morning and fell hard about a half a mile in.  It was a big fall with a loud yell from my mouth. The kind where you just lay there with your eyes closed to make sure everything still works and you didn’t break anything.  When I did open my eyes, there were a two runners and three bystanders crowded around me to help me up and make sure I was ok.  I was ok and was able to run about 2 miles.  Luckily, I was just a little scraped up and sore. Thankfully, I had on my Resilient: Decide to Rise tank top.  Perfect for a little tumble on day 616 of my run streak.


Favorite 4: OUR POOL!! Even though the pool season has ended, we are still having fun.  We’ve been “checking on the pool” with all the rain and having bunches of fun as the season was winding down.



The flip cup Dream Team


Favorite 5: RAINY DAYS!! I never thought a rainy day would be a favorite. This girl LOVES the sunshine! But we have been making the best of it.  We spent the entire Sunday on the couch under cozy blankets watching football because outside was not an option. It felt fantastic to just chill together!


Jack isn’t letting the rain slow him down. That boy needs to be outside every single day and I caught him playing golf in a downpour this week.


That’s it for the week. I hope everyone has a great weekend full of sunshine and books! I’ve been glued to the Weather Channel watching Florence move towards the Carolinas and I hope everyone stays safe!!

☀️ 📚 😎

Currently reading: My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan and Dogman: Lord of the Fleas by Dav Pilkey with Luke


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