Camp Gigi

Camp Gigi is almost legendary around here.  It is a special tradition for my kids with my mom.  It is their favorite week of summer and they start speculating about their activities as soon as August comes.

Camp Gigi started because I had to go back to work the week before school started and the boys’ preschool wasn’t open yet. My mom is retired so she planned some fun and offered to take the boys for the week. They were still pretty little, Luke 3 years old and Jack 5 years old, so my mom wanted to be sure to keep them busy all day.  The last thing anyone wanted was someone missing Mommy after being with me all the time, all summer long. Typically my dad joins them for one big day, but the other four are all mom.  She never tells them what they are doing until that morning so the suspense adds to the fun!

The boys are having an AMAZING time in YEAR FIVE of Camp Gigi!!! My mom is going big and they kids are loving it!  On Monday, they went on a working Skipjack on the Chesapeake Bay.  This was their first time on a sailboat.  They got to hoist the sails, dredge for oysters, and steer the boat.



My mom also planned to explore the Maritime musuem, a tugboat, a lighthouse, and of course, the gift shop.


On Tuesday, they went to Gettysburg to explore the battlefields.  There was a movie, an enormous panoramic to better understand the battle, and of course, the gift shop. They also went on a driving tour of the battlefields. A tour guide joined them in the car and explained EVERYTHING to the boys! He was wonderful and answered all of their questions.

On Wednesday, they had “give back” day.  They gave their time and some school supply donations to local charities. ❤️ I love that my mom incorporated giving back this year.  These boys are so fortunate and I always appreciate a chance for all of us to give back!

Today is Open House at school so the boys are going to our pool for a little bit and then mom will drop them off with me to go see their classrooms and meet their teachers. This is the only day that repeats because 1:00 Open House at school doesn’t leave much time for a big Camp Gigi adventure.

Friday hasn’t been revealed yet, so you’ll have to check back to see what’s happening at the end of Camp Gigi week.

Camp Gigi hasn’t opened registration for adults, but you can bet I’ll be the first one to sign up when she does. Everything sounds so fun! I really appreciate that my mom takes the boys this week! There are no words to express how grateful I am for the amazing experiences the boys have and for that special time they spend with Gigi!! ♥️

Here is a recap of the past four years.  Enjoy!

Year 1: Jack 5 and Luke 3

Dutch Wonderland, Baughers, Utz Factory, Open House/the pool, and a visit to the pediatricianimg_0253

img_0252img_0250img_0251Year 2: Jack 6 and Luke 4

Pretzel Factory & Chocolate Factory, the Big Wooden Slide, Utz Factory (again – the boys LOVE it) & Kids Kingdom playground, the Crayola Experience, and Open House/the pool

Year 3: Jack 7 and Luke 5

Frederick Keys minor league baseball game, movies & putt putt, foot golf, The Science Center, and Open House/the pool

Year 4: Jack 8 and Luke 6

Caverns, driving range, Pretzel Factory, Utz Factory, Open House/the pool, and foot golf

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