Hello Monday – 8/13/18

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend with lots of fun and not quite enough sleep.  It’s summertime so we can catch up on that sleep later.  I am joining Heather and the Hello Monday girls to share our weekend.


On Friday, we split up for the evening. Luke and I went to my friend Joelle’s house for a fun summer party. Luke spent the entire time in the woods and the stream and he could not have been happier! Every time he tells about the stream, he gets the biggest smile on his sweet face!


Jack and Jeff went to a parent/child outing at the golf course and they also had the best time! Jack did really well and Jeff even let him drive the golf cart.  All four Parsons went to bed with big smiles and happy hearts on Friday night!!


I was up early on Saturday to get my run done. I was planning on running further, but I was one tired mama. I woke up in the 5’s a few days this week and it really took a lot out of me.  I don’t know what I am going to do when school starts back up…

Luke had his first travel soccer tournament this weekend.  He has cheered Jack on for two years and was pretty excited to be on the field for the FSC Impact.  I am so proud of him. They played four 30 minute games and he went hard the whole time.  We had a break between games three and four so I put a few boys in the back of the van with the air conditioning pumping.


Ready to go!



Sweaty boy played hard!


Reading my book with the “man cave” behind me full of boys and legos!

After we got home, my dad picked up the boys to go play nine holes of golf.  They had the best time with him! I took a little nap and then Jeff and I got ready to go out.  We had so much fun at a good ole summer house party.  There was flip cup and corn hole, great food, and lots of laughing!


Jeff asked if I was going on safari or to a party, but I loved my outfit. So comfy!

I decided to run back to get our car on Sunday morning.  When I put the directions in Waze on Saturday night, it said 1.9 miles. I thought that would be a perfect little run in the morning.  Well, much to my surprise the 1.9 miles is as the crow flies and not the road directions.  5 miles later, I arrived at my car.  It was a great run and I will definitely add it to my repertoire of long runs, but it most definitely was not what I was expecting to run on Sunday morning!!


My run was powered by podcasts, Waze for directions, and Map My Run to track the run.


Wake up and run (to go get your car)

I went to get the boys from my parents’ house and beat them there.  It was the perfect time for some glider reading.  My parents have the best glider on their front porch! It was my great grandparents’ and I love all the family memories that took place on the glider.


We headed to the pool for the afternoon and had some fun with friends! Lots of laughs, some reading, and great company! I made a yummy dinner and we watched the end of the PGA Championship while it rained.

We have a fun week planned! My mom and I are taking the boys on a 3 day, 4 museum field trip and we are all pretty excited about it.  I am starting to plan Day 600 in my run streak and trying to figure out how to squeeze as much summer into the rest of the month as possible!

Have a great week full of sunshine and books!

☀️ 📚 😎

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  1. Bri says:

    Your weekend looks like it was perfect… a good mix of activity and relaxation. Love seeing that you are a runner and reader. I enjoy working out and I have been determined to read more this year. Are you on Goodreads?

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