Vacations – 7/3/18

The Blended Blog is asking about vacations and I thought it would be a perfect link up since we just arrived at the beach! Here are the questions:

And here are my answers:

1. Will you go on a summer vacation this year? You bet I will! We are about 3 hours from the beach and try to sneak down as much as we can!!

2. Do nothing but relax or pack it all in vacation? I like both kinds. Our beach trips are do nothing but relax kind of trips. Our other trips are pack it all in kind of trips. When we went to Disney, we were in the parks from open to close most days trying to get as much fun in as we can. My mom and I have a trip planned later this summer with the boys to see a few museums and I’m hoping to do 4 in 3 days.

3. What month do you like to vacation? ALL OF THEM!! I will never turn down a vacation. We went to Mexico in January and the beach in April, May/June, and July. We are planning to go north in August and back to the beach on August. We’ve done Florida and Bermuda in October, Hilton Head in April, July, August, and November, Dominican Republic in December, Alabama in August, and West Virginia in June. I ❤️ vacations!

4. Cruise: YES or NO? I’ve never cruised before but I think I’d love it!

5. Favorite vacation tradition? I love dinner on the beach! We always do it at least once.

6. Most memorable vacation? I think it was Disney World. We had so much fun with the boys, my parents, and my sister! I also have great memories from my trips as a kid!!

7. Pack light or pack it all? I like to think that I pack light, but I don’t. I pack it all!! You never know what you’re going to need or want to wear!!

8. Hotel, condo, or house? Well, that depends on who I’m with and the destination. I’d pick a house or condo for the beach or if I’m with girlfriends so we can have plenty of room and all be together. If it’s just Jeff and me, hotel all the way!!

9. Favorite things to do on vacation? Laugh and have fun with my friends and family is my first favorite. I also love to read on vacation. I read on planes, car rides, and while we are waiting for anything. I really love to devote a lot of uninterrupted time to reading on vacation!

10. Warm or cold destinations? I love warm destinations any time of year! I do have cold weather Iceland on my list to see the Northern Lights. I won’t turn down a cold vacation, but i tends to pick warm ones for that wonderful sunshine! ❤️☀️ ❤️

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