Friday Favorites – 6/1/18

Hooray for Fridays!! Hooray for June!! I’m welcoming it like this:

The ocean is a favorite way to do anything!!

I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share my favorites for the week!

Favorite 1: DOROTHEA BENTON FRANK!! I met the wonderful Dot Frank while she was on tour for her new book, By Invitation Only. I am so excited to read it, but I’ll wait until my 10 school days are over so I can really enjoy it. That’s my beach book rule! I had the boys with me and she was so kind to them too, answering their questions and asking them about reading!

Favorite 2: BUDDIES!! Our old neighbor moved to the beach and we were able to meet up tonight for some beach fun. The boys had so much fun together!! And the grownups had a great time catching up too!

Favorite 3: THE PARADE!! We had a great time at my hometown’s Memorial Day parade! Everyone donned their red, white, and blue for the morning! We ❤️💙❤️🇺🇸!

Favorite 4: SUNSHINE! We love the sunshine!! The pool is open and I’ve been running outside every day. I had an early morning run with the rising sun yesterday that was awesome!

Favorite 5: My most favorite favorite – THE BEACH!! We made it! I got my toes in the sand and it was wonderful!! It was foggy but it smelled like the ocean and the air was perfectly humid! Beach Parsons = happy Parsons.

That’s it for this week! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of sunshine and books!


Currently reading: Sunburn by Laura Lippman and it’s good!!!

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