Friday Favorites – 5/25/18

Hello Friday!! I am so happy to see you!! 😘

This has been quite a week full of baseball, soccer, spirit days, and sunshine! I’m joining Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share my favorites for the week.

Favorite / not so favorite 1: JUICE CLEANSE! Jeff decided to do a Lemonkind juice cleanse and I joined him. I have never done anything like this before, so I thought “Why not?” Well, this was quite an experience. I was surprisingly not that hungry throughout the three days. There was a specific 12 ounce concoction of juice to drink every 2 hours from 7 am to 9 pm.

Each day is 1,060 calories. I didn’t “cheat” at all. The website says you can eat raw foods (nuts, fruits, veggies) if you need to, but i didn’t. I also didn’t drink any Diet Coke or eat any candy for three days. That right there is the miracle! The only think I added was about 75 ounces of water each day. I was able to run every day to keep my streak alive but I kept it to an easy mile. These were my favorite and least favorite juices.


That green drink was tough to get down!

Afterwards, I have to say I feel great! I’m super thirsty, but my belly and body feel fantastic. Would I recommend it? If you want to try a cleanse, I’d say try this one, but I am not so sure I will do it again.

Favorite 2: AMERICA!! The Parsons love the USA! We love to cheer on Team USA in sports.  We love to decorate with red, white, and blue.  We love to show our USA pride in our clothes. So when there was a freedom spirit day this week, we were all in! I found these Reebok capris and tank top at Dick’s a few weeks ago and had to have them.  The boys each picked their own red, white, and blue.  We all had quite a few options, so they were thrilled to pick their favorites.


Favorite 3: PREAKNESS! We had a great time with Jeff’s family at Preakness last Saturday.  It is a super fun tradition for our family and Maryland!  The boys had a great time with my dad too!


Favorite 4: DINNER OUT! We went out for pizza and salads Thursday night.  We also picked up breakfast sandwiches in the morning and I bought a yummy salad from our school cafeteria for lunch.  It is May everyone! We have 14 days of school left. Everyone was fed so we’re going to go ahead and call Thursday’s meals a win.


Favorite 5: SUNSHINE!  We have had a few days of near perfect, mid 80s, tons of sunshine weather.  I am loving it!  The boys swam a little bit. I’ve been running outside. Baseball was beautiful and reading during warmups was such a treat!


Bonus: OUR BIRDS! Our sweet baby birds are growing up. They are so cute! I bet they leave the nest soon, so we are enjoying keeping an eye on them while we can.


Today is Field Day at school and everyone is excited.  Third grade performs during the Opening Ceremonies and Jack is front and center! ❤️ I am taking two turns in the dunk tank, one for each boy’s grade, and looking forward to cheering them on.  The pool officially opens on Saturday (woohoo!!) and Jack has a baseball tournament. I am hoping for sunshine all weekend!  I am looking forward to reading Sunburn by Laura Lippman and having some fun! I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

☀️ 📚 😎


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