What’s Up Wednesday – 2/28/18


It’s the last Wednesday of the month so I am joining Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for What’s Up Wednesday.  Each week in February has seemed long, but this month flew by!  Here are the questions I’ll be answering.


What we’re eating this week…

Sunday – We went out to a local Japanese steakhouse to celebrate great report cards, Monday – Meatballs, Tuesday – Leftovers from Sunday, Wednesday – Tacos, Thursday – Scrambled Eggs & Omelets, Friday – Popcorn Shrimp, Saturday – Eating Out

What I’m reminiscing about…

I am reminiscing about the winter of 2009-2010 when we had 3 blizzards here in Maryland.  3 blizzards was a bit much, but we haven’t had any decent snowstorms this winter.  I would love one more snow day so that we can go sledding and play in the snow all day.

What I’m loving…

I am loving the quality time I have been able to carve out lately.  I had one on one time with both boys, girlfriends night, my parents over, and a good bit of solo time with Jeff.  It is so good for the soul to spend time with the people that you love.

And, I am loving all of the Olympics coverage!

What we’ve been up to…

I have been increasing my running miles as I get on track with my half-marathon training. The miles seem to go by so much quicker when I am watching the Olympics on the treadmill!  We have been hustling between soccer games, basketball practices, basketball games, swim practices, and baseball practices.  Magically there hasn’t been much over lap, but it has made for a busy family.

We went to our local high school (Go Lions!) playoff basketball game against their big rival.  The Lions played a great game and won!  Jack had a bunch of buddies there and had a blast! Luke had a few buddies there too and enjoyed the game.

Our PTA held the annual Groovy Science Night on Friday.  It is one of my favorite events at school.  There are stations for kids to do science experiements, learn about different science topics, coding, robotics, and a Science Teller (story teller who uses science concepts/demonstrations).  This was the first year for the Science Teller and he was absolutely amazing! Every kid and parent was totally into the presentation and learned a lot as he told a story about two kids that snuck onto a pirate ship.

What I’m dreading…

I am totally dreading more rain. I feel like we haven’t had a week that wasn’t mostly rainy in forever.  We need some sunshine, warm breezes, and lots of backyard/driveway time around here. I always say, “outside Parsons are happy Parsons”.

What I’m working on…

I have been planning our school-wide book club and preparing for another author to visit our school. Our wonderful PTA buys one copy of the book for each family and staff member. Families read one chapter per night together and I create some discussion questions or topics to go along with it. I also make announcements about it in the morning and we discuss it in my media classes. This year we are reading The Mouse and The Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. We read Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White and The World According to Humphrey by Betty Birney. After reading it we have an evening celebration at school. It is definitely a school favorite.

What I’m excited about…

I am excited to have some author book talks on my calendar.  My local bookstore, A Likely Story, does the best job of bringing in some of my favorite authors.  Laura Lippman is coming on March 1st and the bookstore is teaming up with the library to bring Ben Hatke, Beth Fantaskey, and Jordan Sonnenblick to our area.  I am excited to bring Chris Barton to my school next week.  I love hearing what authors have to say about their books.  I think I enjoy their books more after meeting them because I have an insight into their personalities.  Look for an authors I’ve met post to be coming next month.

What I’m watching/reading…

I haven’t watched anything but the Olympics recently.  Now that the Olympics are over, I haven’t really turned the TV on. I’m pretty sure I am going through Olympics withdrawal. Only 877 days until Tokyo 2020, in case you weren’t already keeping track.

I haven’t been reading my adult book (Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng) very quickly, but I have been reading a ton of kids books. Right now we are reading The Mouse and The Motorcycle for our school-wide book club and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle as a family.  At school, I have been reading a ton of Chris Barton’s books because he is coming to my school next week for an all day author visit.  I have also been reading a bunch of Jan Brett books with my students. I’m currently reading Drama by Raina Telgemeir and Hi-Lo by Judd Winick. Next up for school is Pax by Sara Pennypacker.

What I’m listening to…

I have been loving XM 24 Radio Margaritaville. The beachy music make me smile on these chilly, rainy days.

What I’m wearing…

I have been wearing a lot of red, white, and blue for my Olympic and USA spirit.  I love this sweater and check out that awesome eagle logo!!

I just got these comfy Under Armour pants with an adorable light blue hooded top. I love that they come to just above my ankle. Perfect for sneakers and flip flops.


I picked up these jeans after Sheaffer recommended them. They are my first pair of distressed, frayed hem jeans and they could not have been comfier!


What I’m doing this weekend…

This weekend Jack has an outdoor soccer tournament (brrr) and Luke has a basketball game.  So my plan is to stay warm and dry between games while I cheer on my athletes.  I need to find a way to squeeze in 8 miles between all those games.

What I’m looking forward to next month…

Next month is Jack’s birthday! We are planning his birthday celebration and getting ready to have a 9 year old!  I’m not sure how the past 9 years flew by so fast, but they did.


Sweet baby Jack! Only 2 days old here.


This was the boys’ first Orioles game. It was so much fun, but hot hot hot!!

I am also looking forward to some Orioles Magic! Opening day is March 29th at Camden Yards and I can’t wait!!

What else is new…

We are starting to eat more gluten/wheat free because we are pretty sure Jeff is allergic. Does anyone have any tried and true gluten free recipes that their family loves?? Please share in the comments.

Bonus Question: Favorite Spring Break destination

It’s time for a little truth telling – I have only been on one Spring Break trip. I went to Fort Lauderdale in college. It was heavenly! Sunshine and beach time in March = pure joy for Sarah!! Growing up our schools didn’t have a true Spring Break. We only got Good Friday and Easter Monday off.  And that is what the kids and I still have off.  So, we don’t really do Spring Break vacations.  I would love to go to Jacksonville to see my sister and enjoy her warm Florida weather.  Four days, including Easter, just isn’t enough time to make it work.  That being said, I do love having the time at home without any commitments outside of our family stuff.  Practices are usually cancelled and we can just hang out at home.

Have a great day!!!


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