Friday Favorites – 2/23/18

img_0001-1Woohoo! We made it to Friday! I don’t know about you, but that was one loooong short week! I am joining Erika, Narci, and Andrea for this week’s favorites.

Favorite 1 – THE OLYMPICS!! I am still staying up late and watching as much coverage as I can.  I am looking forward to watching as much as I can this weekend.  If you missed my last post about my long running Olympic love, you should definitely check it out here.


I was ready if any ladies teams needed me!

Favorite 2 – Warm Weather. We had two days with record highs this week.  We all got a little sunshine on our cheeks and it was absolutely amazing.  The kids rode bikes, played in the backyard, basketball in the driveway, and hung out with neighbors.  We opened windows and got some fresh air in the house.  It was fabulous!


Favorite 3 – Track Running.  On Wednesday morning I packed up the kids’ bikes and scooters in my car so we could go directly to the track after school. I ran a 5K and they rode bikes and scooters. I ran faster than I’ve been running and felt so good.  I love to run on the track at our local high school (Go Lions!). There are always people around and  I love the small town community feel I get every time I am there.


Favorite 4 – Swim Team. The boys joined a winter swim team and are enjoying it.  I am loving all of the fun swimmer memories that keep flooding back to me every time I smell the chlorine and feel the warm, indoor pool air.  I am also loving the 3 hours a week that I get to read my book uninterrupted while they have practice.


Favorite 5 – Friends and Family. I finally shared this blog with people that I know. I have been writing and linking up for a few months, but on Tuesday I decided to share it with people I know.  My friends and family have been so supportive and encouraging that I am not sure why I waited so long to share.  I only hope that I am as supportive to my friends and family when they try new things!!

Favorite 6 – Jack Time.  I had my one on one time with Jack on Saturday night.  We went out to dinner and played an intense game of paper football.  Then we came home and snuggled on the couch to watch the Maryland basketball game and the NBA skills challenge and 3 point contest.  We did not watch one minute of Olympics, but I was still one happy girl because I got to spend some time with Jack!!


Favorite 7 – Homegrown Meat. We purchased a portion of a cow again this year and pick up day was Saturday.  This is one of the things I love about where we live.  I went to high school with the guy we bought our cow portion from and his farm is just down the road.  His farm is so beautiful and makes me so glad that I still live in Carroll County!  The back of my car looks pretty full but it wasn’t all mine. 🙂


The mamas and the baby cows on the farm


1/2 a cow and a whole pig ready for the freezer

Favorite 8 – Zooma. I ran my Zooma RunLove challenge 10k on Saturday on the treadmill because it was pretty cold!  I love the Zooma challenges to keep me on track when I am not training for a race.  Next up is the Spring challenge, focusing on clean eating, and the Summer challenge. I am hoping to go to the Zooma Amelia Island race this year because it is so close to my sister in Jacksonville that I can see her too!


Favorite 9 – My Job/School.  I am pretty sure that I have the best job in an elementary school. I get to teach everyone, share great books, and work with the teachers.  I started a reading partnership between our pre-K and fifth grade students.  It is the best way to start my week! I invite anyone walking down the hall to come in and join us because our fifth graders are amazing reading mentors to our pre-K students, and the pre-k students love reading their books with a fifth grade buddy.  This week I got the Golden E for starting this partnership. I was excited because it’s pretty much the elementary version of an Olympic gold medal! I love how all the adults at my school are working really hard to support each other!


That’s all for this week. I am looking forward to a fun school event and a girls night out this weekend.  I hope everyone gets some sunshine this week and has a wonderful weekend!


Currently Reading:

Personal: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

School: The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary and lots of Chris Barton’s books

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  1. Val says:

    I’m so inspired by your running challenges! Maybe I should try one of the spring ones – I’ve been majorly slacking this winter with running. Enjoy your wknd!

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