Friday Favorites 1/5/18

I hope everyone is starting 2018 off with some sunshine and a book! We could use some sunshine here in Maryland. We have a polar vortex and snow right now.

My first favorite is ❄️❄️SNOW DAYS❄️❄️!!! We had a snow day on Thursday and I spent some time just like this:


Reading a “On Second Thought” by Kristan Higgins in my pjs, cozy robe, and my white slippers. I’m loving this book and adding her book “If You Only Knew” to my list.

Favorite 2: We went to Washington, DC on Tuesday to see The White House. Jeff and the boys had never been.  Jack and Luke have been learning about it in school and were pumped to actually walk where the President walks!


We took our moms with us too. It was fun to spend the day with them and everyone had a blast!


Favorite 3: Luke and a museum. We walked, very quickly as it was 10 degrees, to the Museum of Natural History after The White House and Luke loved it. That boy could’ve spent the entire day there. He is so curious and wanted to read, touch, and do everything!! It was so much fun! We are already trying to plan a Just Luke day to go back.

Jack was excited to see some animals that live in our backyard/corn field and one that he read about in class.

Favorite 4:  Hand Masks. How have I never tried one before? My hands are super super dry and this was such a treat. My skin was soft and moisturized for almost a day after the mask. It was lovely!

Favorite 5: New Years Eve parties. I love to ring in a new year with good friends and the kiddos. Sure we are all tired the next day, but it is all worth it! This year we celebrated with our beach vacation families. There are 5 families with 11 boys. When we go anywhere we get a lot of “No girls??” or “Whoa, that’s a lot of boys” and we just smile and nod. It’s a fun, rambunctious, sporty, loving group and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We decided to do a nice dinner for the grown ups with filet mignon , crab imperial, roasted vegetables, and delicious potatoes. It was certainly a special way to end 2017 and start 2018!



Happy New Year!! Sorry it’s blurry #elevenboys 

Thats it for today. Have a great weekend! Ours will be filled with basketball, baseball, and parties!

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  1. Amanda Bullard says:

    Oh what a fun time with family and friends! This is the second blog that made mention of a DC trip. I have been in over 20 years so I believe it is time to go back! Wishing you a warmer weekend – I know the freeze, friend. LOL!

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