Currently – 5/4/22

Happy Wednesday! I am so happy that it is May and I am excited to link up with Anne for Currently.

I am currently consuming…

Way too much caffeine! My allergies have ramped up and it is wearing me down. My caffeine source of choice is Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke. I know soda is terrible for you, but I just love it. Remember last week when I told you I liked the Panera charged lemonades? Well, I need to revise that statement. They are tasty, but watch out for the caffeine content. There is about 5x the amount of caffeine in a soda and I discovered that around 12:30 am when I couldn’t close my eyes. Lesson learned.

I am currently feeling…

All the end of elementary school feels! The kids are getting their yard signs. The teachers are sending out a bunch of reminder emails for all of the end of year events. I had a quick photo session with Luke this weekend to get a good shot for the slideshow. It’s all happening so fast!

I am currently finding…

Little pockets of time to get things done. I needed to cut out about 500 leaves for our school assembly on Thursday, so I did it while Jack practiced putting at the golf course last night.

I am also finding more time to listen to The Gown by Jennifer Robson. I don’t usually listen to fiction but this one is good!

I am currently following…

My own advice! When a friend doesn’t feel good or is run down, I always suggest sleeping in a little. I haven’t gotten up to workout before school at all this week – allergies – and those extra minutes are helping I think!

I am currently spending…

A lot of time cheering on my boys! Luke is playing soccer and lacrosse. Jack is swimming and playing golf. Luke usually has two games each weekend and Jack has a golf match on Sundays.

This does mean that I’m getting a bunch of one on one time with the boys, too. We’re having great conversations and catching up. I know that time flies, and I am relishing these moments together.

Have a great Wednesday! It’s supposed to be rainy here today and I’m ready for a cozy afternoon. I’ll probably be in pjs before 7 pm. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Currently – 5/4/22

  1. Dani says:

    I know you just said you were having too much caffeine, but did you see that Panera has a new Sip Club where you can get those lemonades (all drinks) FREE and unlimited until July 4th?! I just signed up! Hope you feel more rested soon!

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