Currently – 3/2/22

Happy Wednesday! It’s the first Wednesday of March so I am linking up with Anne for Currently. I am sharing five things I am currently doing.

I am currently collecting…

Plants! We are babysitting a plant for my dad and it made us realize that we want more plants in the house. In the past month I’ve added a few new plants to our house. I found a Christmas cactus at Trader Joe’s and I love it! I also got a few spider plant starters from a friend at work. The plants really do make a difference in our house and I love it!

I am currently craving…

Mozzarella sticks! I love them but I don’t usually order them often. I made some Trader Joe’s mozz sticks in our new air fryer and now I can’t stop thinking about them!

One of my favorite Easter candies are out in the stores and I am craving them, too.

I am currently picturing…

My toes in the sand. We have a warm weather getaway planned for March and I can already see my toes in that white sand!

I am currently playing…

How about, I am currently replaying the sweet faces of my students at school this week. Our school officially ended the mask mandate this week and the smiles are so great to see. Those smiles were extra giant yesterday when we welcomed our first in-person author in over two years! John Patrick Green, author and illustrator of the Investigators and The Kitten Construction Company graphic novel series, was so fabulous at school! We usually have at least 3 author visits per school year, but of course things have been different lately.

I am currently wishing…

For more hours in a day! I am working on turning the lights off around 9:30 pm and waking up around 5 am to workout before school. That’s helping to get a workout in, but I could still use about four more hours. I would love to create a little more reading time, family time, and outside time in those extra hours. I know that’s impossible, but a girl can wish, right?

That’s what we are up to. I hope you are currently doing some great things! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

4 thoughts on “Currently – 3/2/22

  1. natashajk says:

    I’m belatedly catching up on my “Currently” posts. Yay for author visits and a warm weather vacation!!! And yes, I could use some extra hours in my days too!

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