Weekend Recap – 12/13/21

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend full of Christmas traditions! The weekend went so fast and I am starting to stress about fitting in all the Christmas fun. I know we don’t have to fit in ALL the fun, but I have a bunch of things I still want to do with Jeff and the boys. I have a bunch of pictures to share with you, so here we go!

On Friday, we took to the streets and enjoyed the Christmas lights around town. This house the lights set to music and it is a Parsons family favorite! They have at least 5 songs and add some more lights every year. We never skip it!

We drove through a new neighborhood this year. This house is my new favorite! Look at all these!! I’ve always called these blow forms, but it seems they are called blow molds. Oops! Either way, I love them!!

These Christmas trees from Cora’s Den were perfect for looking at lights! They really sparkle!

On Saturday morning, we were all up early. Both boys had basketball games at 8 am.

After Luke’s game, I headed to the mall. I haven’t been to a mall in a year and wanted to see some items in person before I bought them as gifts. It was nice to be back at a mall, but still a little weird.

Jack had another basketball game Saturday afternoon and we all went.

Jeff and I had an adults only Christmas party on Saturday night and the kids went to my parents for the night. We had a great time!!

I posted a few Facebook memories on Sunday morning. How cute are these sweet buddies??

My mom saw them and had the boys recreate them on Sunday morning after church. 😂 They’re still pretty cute!

Jack and Jeff went to play golf on Sunday afternoon while Luke was at basketball practice. I was home alone for 75 minutes!! I should’ve been productive, but I could not put my book down. I finished The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan and it was absolutely lovely!! The holds list at our library is long, but I think it is worth purchasing!!

We went to a drive through Nativity on Sunday evening. We’ve been going for over 5 years and I look forward to it every year. The church youth group puts on the Nativity. It’s so fun to see my former students and Jack’s friends participating.

We’ve been listening to The Best Christmas Pageant Every by Barbara Robinson. It was funny to think of the Herdmans’ version of the Nativity as we drove through. Did you read this book as a child? I remember reading it and being shocked that kids could be so bad. We laughed a lot as we listened to it!

When we got home it was all the Sunday evening things – pack lunches, put laundry away, mentally prepare for the week, and type this post. After a fun Saturday night I was definitely running on caffeine and Christmas spirit!

We have a busy week ahead of us. Both boys have their band concerts and a bunch of practices. My goal is to move my body every day, read every day, make dinner Sunday-Thursday, and find some Christmas joy every day! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    I really enjoyed the Christmas Bookshop too! Then stumbled upon a blog all about the town complete with photos. Surprisingly I did really well picturing the shop and it’s surrounding areas.

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