Friday Favorites – 12/10/21

Happy Friday! This week absolutely flew by! I can’t believe we only have two weeks until Christmas. I am starting to panic a little. Not so much because I’m not ready gift wise (and I AM NOT) but because we have so much Christmas fun to squeeze into the next two weeks! I want to get to all of those traditions I shared on Wednesday!

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Favorite 1: SUNSHINE!! We’ve had gorgeous sunsets this week! Last night the sky plus the Christmas lights on the deck was amazing!

No filter, nature is just this gorgeous! 😍 ☀️ 🤩

The sunset also put on a show while there was a slew of boys in our backyard playing football. I just love the colors with the clouds and the glowy light each evening!

Favorite 2: CLARK!! I love love love Christmas Vacation and couldn’t pass up this shirt when my sister shared it with me.

Favorite 3: HOLIDAY CHALLENGE!! Every year from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day, I participate in the Fellow Flowers Holiday Challenge. The only rules are 30 minutes of intentional movement every single day. Lately my movement has been later at night than I would prefer, but I’m still getting it done! Last night, I did a 30 minute upper body weight workout by my Christmas tree with a Hallmark movie.

Favorite 4: SHOES!! I have been on the go for weeks at work and sneakers make my feet feel so good. I have had green Christmas shoes for years but I added the red ones to my collection this year and I love them!

Favorite 5: JEWELRY!! I seriously love Christmas jewelry! I can’t wait to wear these Christmas trees tomorrow!!

I ordered these gingerbread girls and they couldn’t not be any cuter!

My Christmas lights earrings, Christmas tree and star necklace are old favorites that I still love!

Favorite 6: SPARKLES!! My friend Jodi gave me this fun glitter nail polish. I layered it on top of Bunny Slope by Olive & June. I love it and it looks so good under my document camera!

Favorite 7: BOOKS!! We wrapped up the Book Fair and got so many books into kids hands this week! It was spectacular! I haven’t made much time to read this week but I am still loving The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan! I was looking for a Christmas book to read/listen to with the kids earlier this week. I decided to go with The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson. I remember reading it and being so surprised by how bad those kids are. We started last night and it’s just a good as I remembered!

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We have a fun weekend ahead of us! The boys and I are going to drive around and look at Christmas lights in the surrounding neighborhoods Friday night. We have basketball games and a holiday party on Saturday. I have no idea what Sunday will bring our way. I hope it brings some reading time with the Christmas tree again! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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