Hello Monday – 10/19/20

Happy Monday! Today is going to be short and sweet because I am getting ready for students to come back to school! I’m linking up with Tanya and the girls to share our weekend.

I broke out my first vest of the year for work on Friday. We’ve reached the point in fall where it is in the low 40s when I go to work and in the high 60s when I leave work, so it is layers, layers, layers.
Jack had a baseball game on Friday evening. His team won and Jack played really well! It was so fun. Also, see that umpire? We went to school together from kindergarten through 12th grade! I love living in the same area where I grew up because of these fun reunions!
It was a cloudy, gray day. Then as the sun was starting to set, it turned into this beautiful sky!
Jack was brushing his teeth and he started yelling, “Mom, Mom, come here, hurry!!” I thought he lost a tooth or something was happening with his teeth, but he spotted the balloon out the window.
How cool is this? A hot air balloon landed in the corn field behind us and then deflated right on the edge of the yard.
It was the perfect weekend to bust out my pumpkin necklace!

Luke played so well in his soccer game on Saturday afternoon and I forgot to take any pictures. Oops! We didn’t have anything else to do on Saturday afternoon. I got started on our fall porch and read a bit. I was in my pjs by 6:15 pm and asleep by 9. It was just what I needed.

On Sunday morning, Luke had his lacrosse clinic. They finally got to play with some contact and Luke was pumped!
Luke’s soccer team is buddying up with a team of boys seven years older than them. The big boys are mentoring our little guys so we went to watch them play. It was a fun game and our team won 7-0.
These two are too cute!! They were excited to have matching masks!

After the soccer game, I spent the afternoon trying to dig up our 4 azaleas that have been trashed by basketball players in my driveway. I thought it would be pretty easy, but I was wrong!! Those roots were like rocks! I’ll be back at it this afternoon.

That’s it for the weekend. It was pretty calm for us and the perfect way to get ready for everyone to go back to school. See you tomorrow for Tuesday Book Release Day. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. scottaew says:

    Love that vest! I am a vest person! How cool to see the hot air balloon. We have a guy with one in our neighborhood and he has landed on the playground behind our house, too!

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