Hello Monday – 8/10/20

Happy Monday! I’m linking up with the Hello Monday girls to share our weekend in pictures and captions.

Virtual middle school orientation – exciting but I’m not sure how my big guy is heading to middle school (in our dining room)
It was too nice to do my webinar inside.
Luke took his lego game to the next level Friday evening.
On Saturday morning, Luke’s soccer team had their first scrimmage tournament. He played so well and the team did a great job!
Luke and I hung out on the chipping green and driving range while we waited for Jeff and Jack to finish playing 18 and meet us for dinner.
Luke joined Jeff and Jack as they finished on 18. I was reading on the patio. Heavenly!
On Sunday morning, we headed to Ikea to look at desks and pick up parts of the bookshelves for my home library.
The website said they had the doors I wanted in stock. I was the first one to the shelf and this is what I found. 😡
A little worried that it wouldn’t fit in my car, but it did. 😊
I chose my Cora’s Den lemon earrings because I was making lemonade out of lemons today during my 2nd trip to Ikea this weekend only to come home without all the pieces I needed. Some are out of stock nationwide until late September. I can get started so I’m making the lemonade.
Home from Sunday Funday at the pool with some friends.
We ended the weekend watching the PGA championship and I started a new book.

I didn’t take quite as many pictures as usual, but that’s how we spent our weekend. I hope you have a great day full of sunshine and books! See you back here tomorrow for Tuesday Book Release Day!

10 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 8/10/20

  1. rawsonjl says:

    We had fun with freshman orientation in our kitchen. Wishing him the best “in” middle school–whatever form that takes this year!


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