Friday Favorites – 6/26/20

Happy Friday! We had a great week and I’m sharing my favorites.

Favorite 1: GOLF!! We ended up at the golf course twice this week and had a blast. On Wednesday, the boys hit balls and practiced their putting and chipping. On Thursday, the boys had junior league but got rained out. My parents came to watch them play so that was a bummer. We still had a great evening and enjoyed dinner.

The boys played 30 (!!) holes of beat the pro on the putting green. Kris, the pro, won!

Favorite 2: POOL!! We spent a good bit of time at the pool this week adn the boys had a bunch of friends to play with. I’ve hit my summer reading stride and am finishing a book every couple days between my pool reading and reading in the evenings.

School time at the pool

Favorite 3: BASEBALL!! Jack’s team had their first scrimmage this week. We sat through a rain delay but it was worth it. Jack and his team played really well and had a blast!

Clearing the fields for a rain delay, but I love seeing all those kids out there ready to play!

Favorite 4: MATCHING!! You know I love when things match and this week was a good one for it. I had to use my car sunglasses at the pool one day and it just so happened that my bathing suit matched perfectly.

Jack and Luke wore matching bathing suits one day this week, too. I love these suits. We found them at a little shop in Ocean City, MD and they are by Vintage Summer.

Favorite 5: BOOKS!! I went to work all day on Thursday. We got all of the media books checked in and shelved. It felt so good to be doing something relatively normal and productive! My friend Amy was there all day too and I loved catching up with her!

Favorite 6: MOMENTS!! I keep finding these little moments when my guys are helping each other out on a game lately. Even though I am not a proponent of much screen time, these sweet moments make it seem a little better.

Favorite 7: SUNSHINE!! The sunsets have been beautiful this week. I caught this one coming home from the golf course on Thursday night! 😍 ☀️

That’s all for the week. I hope you have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    That sounds wonderful! My favorites for summer always include books and pools… just wish we had one near us that anywhere as nice as the one you guys get to swim in.

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