Monthly Musing – 4/30/20

Happy Thursday! I can’t believe it is the last day of April already!! Our weather here was like a beautiful May day here yesterday and I was loving it! I am linking up with Holly and Patty for Monthly Musings. Here are April’s questions.

Before I start talking about spring and summer fashion, I want to share that I feel bad for my spring clothes (ridiculous, I know). I’m completely skipping them this season because we can’t go anywhere. It’s definitely my choice and I stand by my choice, but I will be anxiously awaiting spring 2021 to break out my spring wardrobe in all its glory! 😂

1 – What are your five must have items for spring and summer?
Spring – short sleeve Lilly tees, sandals, 3/4 sleeve dresses, cardigans, Lilly popovers
Summer – bathing suits, coverups, running skirts, tank tops, rompers

2 – What is your favorite spring and summer footwear?
I love my glitter Havanas and thin strap Reef flip flops, canyon sandals (Circus by Sam Edelman), and sneakers. As the weather gets nicer, I take as much exercise outside as I can.

3 – How do you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring? Spring to summer?
My winter to spring transition is usually marked by replacing my long sleeve shirts with short sleeve shirts under my cardigans. I also add a bunch more dresses.
My summer wardrobe is a much bigger change. I am a school librarian and I don’t work in the summer. So my summer wardrobe is workout clothes, bathing suits and coverups, and pjs most days. I do have shorts and fun dresses and rompers for parties or get togethers, but most of those happen at the pool so bathing suits and coverups work, too.


4 – Favorite colors to wear this season?
My favorite spring colors are bright colors. I love bright pinks and yellows, greens and blues. I love to pair them with white and navy in the spring. Lilly prints are always my favorite colors, too.

5 – Do you like Lilly Pulitzer like we do? What are your favorite prints?
YOU BET I DO!!! I am a long time Lilly lover! My sister used to manage a Lilly signature store and that was pure heaven! My Lilly collection really grew during that time. My mom and I met her on a buying trip and went to their flagship store in King of Prussia and the Pink Palace (corporate headquarters). I love the Maryland state print, the patchwork prints, and my current favorite print is croc my world.

Family Lilly! 😍

6 – White jeans… wait until Easter? Wait until Memorial Day? Any time of year?
I think they are good for any time of the year. I don’t tend to wear white jeans deep in the winter, but if the outfit calls for white jeans go for it!

7 – What are your must wear items during stay at home orders?
Leggings, leggings, leggings. My daily uniform consists of workout leggings, a tank top, and a quarter zip or sweatshirt. I am getting outside a bunch throughout the day and exercising throughout the day so I need to be dressed and ready.

8 – Which do you prefer – maxi dress or romper?
I like them both but find myself reaching for rompers more lately. Both are so easy – a one piece outfit – and can be dressed up or down.

9 – Flip flops or wedge espadrilles?
Yes to both! I love my flip flops for the pool, the beach, and casual looks, but wedges definitely have a place in my wardrobe. Jeff’s 10 inches taller than me so I have plenty of room to elevate.

10 – Random bonus question: How many loaves of banana bread have you made this month? Do you have a favorite recipe?
ZERO!! We haven’t made any banana bread at all. I don’t like bananas and neither do my kids. Jeff’s allergic to gluten so banana bread is an all around NOPE in our house.

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  1. Patty says:

    Thank you for sharing all of our Lilly! Did you ever go to the warehouse sale in PA? Now that was dangerous and so fun at the same time. Thanks for linking up with us.


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