Back to Life, Back to Reality – 2/5/20

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was a rude awakening for sure. It started of in the best way possible – Luke woke up extra early to see us. It was wonderful!! I woke Jack up a little early so we could have some extra time to see him before school too.

Time in Aruba was an incredible way to spend our long weekend! This sweater was a great reminder!

Then I walked right into a 12 hour work day (AAAGGHHH!!!) because we had conferences on Tuesday after school. I went straight from work to basketball practice, home to check folders, pack lunches, get the boys showered, and off to bed. Bam! Reality is back. I spent the rest of Tuesday meal planning, making grocery lists (thank you grocery pick up), and getting caught up on life.

Have a great Wednesday full of sunshine and books!!

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