I ❤️ Amazon – 11/5/19

Happy Tuesday! I am linking up with Tanya to share what I’ve been priming.

This will be my last Amazon Prime post for the year. Christmas is coming and I’ll be ordering gifts for people who read this blog. I don’t want to spoil any surprises! 🎄

My most recent prime purchase was a total impulse buy. These are some of my favorite candies and are tough to find. When someone had them at school the other day, I hopped right over to Amazon and ordered a tub of them. Delicious!

We ordered the boys’ advent calendars – Lego City and Soccer Cards. Don’t tell them if you see them!

I ordered this book that Jack has gotten at the Book Fair each year since kindergarten, but it hadn’t been published when our Book Fair came this year.

I ordered this sweater in leopard and I love it! I wore it to school yesterday and got a bunch of compliments. I think there will be at least 5 teachers with the same sweater by the end of the week. Thank you Amazon Prime shipping! It comes in a bunch of colors and patterns. I may pick up another one!

Luke needed a pair of sweatpants. I didn’t feel like dealing with the racks and dressing rooms at Kohl’s so I tried Prime Wardrobe. He got the navy and the black and they are perfect.

Jeff and I needed a quick, inexpensive Halloween costume, so we Primed it.

I picked out my Amazon First Reads for November.

That’s what I’ve been priming lately. Happy priming! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

6 thoughts on “I ❤️ Amazon – 11/5/19

  1. Kellyann O'Donnell Rohr says:

    Great buy on that leopard sweater and how awesome if Prime for getting that last minute Halloween costume?! Love!

  2. rawsonjl says:

    Yeah, I won’t be sharing gift I’ve bought on Amazon in December either. But I’m sure we’ll be priming other things this month– we always seem to despite my best intentions.

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