Hello Monday – 9/9/19

Hello Monday! I have been gearing up for a five day week and I am hoping that we all make it through smoothly! I am linking up with Heather and the girls for Hello Monday!

I got a little taste of what our fall schedule is going to be like and it is BUSY! In the past seasons the boys have had a few swim team practices that overlapped which gave me some exercise time or quiet reading time. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen very much this fall. I was in bed by 8:45 on Friday night, but I think that is more first week tired than anything else.

We woke up to a BEAUTIFUL day on Saturday. Jeff was on an early flight back from Florida so I started my run on the treadmill. I powered through 6 of the 10 miles I had schedule and waited for Jeff to get home. I did not want to run 10 treadmill miles on such a lovely day! The boys played outside all morning and had the best time. I ran my remaining 4 miles outside while Jack had swim team practice.

Then we dashed to Luke’s first league soccer game of the season. They won 2-0 and he was pretty pumped!

After soccer, we went over to the pool to set up for the last adult party of the season. The weather kept getting better and better as the day went on. We filled coolers, set up tables, arranged chairs, and got ready for all the food to be delivered. Once everything was ready, we went home to get ready for the party!

Kourtni planned the party and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! She really knows how to throw a party!!

On Sunday, we went back to clean up the pool. Jack had baseball practice and Luke was happy to hang out and watch football with Jeff. I tried a new recipe for ribs that starts in the crockpot and ends in the broiler. We had cucumbers & onions, caprese salad, and sweet corn with our ribs. It was a delicious summery dinner!

After dinner the boys went back out to play with our neighbor. Luke happened to play right on top of a yellow jacket nest in the ground. Poor buddy got stung a few times and those sting spots swelled right up.

Once Luke calmed down and we got some ice/Benadryl on him, the boys headed to bed. Jeff and I weren’t far behind them after our late night on Saturday.

I didn’t read very much this weekend, but Jeff will be home a few evenings this week so I will be able to read some more during practices this week. I hope you have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Mother of 3 says:

    OH I just hate those ground wasp nests; they can be so hard to spot until it’s too late! Hope he’s feeling better.

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