Weekend Wrap Up on Wednesday – 10/3/18

Happy Wednesday! I’d like to start the post with a giant Happy Birthday to Jeff!  We can’t wait to celebrate you all day today!


I linked up with The Blended Blog on Monday to share my thoughts on some fall questions, so I am sharing our weekend with you today.  We had a great weekend. The weather was amazing and I loved being outside to enjoy it all.

I live with some pretty big golf fans! The early morning Ryder cup coverage meant that we started our Friday, Saturday, and Sunday like this:


Up early and snuggled in my bed to watch a little Ryder Cup coverage before school on Friday.

I had some off season work to do at the pool so we started our Friday afternoon at the pool.  It is closed for the season, but that didn’t stop the boys! They both did just a few cannonballs while I worked on inventory.


On Saturday, I joined my friend Jodi for a 5 miler and ran some errands while Jeff took the boys to the driving range.  I took Jack to swim team practice and spent a little more time soaking up that sunshine.  It is an indoor pool that is completely glassed in (walls and ceiling, so I dragged a lounge chair onto the outdoor deck and read while I watched him swim.


Then we picked up Jeff and Luke and headed to Luke’s soccer game. He played so well and his team won! We were about an hour from home and close to Ikea so we stopped by. I have been looking for loft beds for the boys and wanted to check out the Ikea beds in person.  I’m glad we did. All of the beds I was thinking about were either too low or too high for the boys’ rooms.


Back to the drawing board, really back to googling, for me. I am looking for a bed that is about 60-65 inches high.  Any suggestions?? I’d love to hear or see them!!

I ordered a bunch of jeans from Target after reading Narci’s post about Target jeans.


I tried them all on and found a few to keep. I really loved these because they weren’t so tight at the ankles.  Perfect for flats, loafers, and sandals! I was excited to wear this tank that I’ve had all summer. It was perfect for the weather and I added one of my favorite Lilly cardigans to sit out on the deck in the cooler evening.



We had our first dinner club on Saturday night. The theme was Oktoberfest and we had a great time! Kerry had soft pretzels and cheese dip, veggies, and some cheese and crackers for appetizers.  That was really all I needed. That cheese dip was absolutely amazing! For dinner, we had brats, sauerkraut, and potato salad. I am not much of a sauerkraut eater, meaning I do not eat it ever, but the brats were so tasty!  The girls all had a great time catching up. The guys all had a great time talking and hanging out. The eight kids had a blast playing together. And the two Newfoundland puppies had a really great time playing together, too!


Cheers to our first dinner club!

On Sunday, Luke had another soccer game. He scored a goal and played really well again!  Then we dashed to Jack’s baseball practice. I decided to run there because on day 638 in my run streak I was ready for a new route. I found a great paved trail through a nearby neighborhood and ran about 3.5 miles.  Then I stretched and read in the sun while Jack practiced.


The weather was so beautiful that we stayed outside for the rest of the day. Jeff grilled burgers for dinner and we ate on the deck. It was all together a fantastic weekend full of sunshine!!

I hope the beginning of your week is going well!!  Jack and I met a new author last night and I can’t wait to share his books with you!

☀️ 📚 😎

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