Friday Favorites – 7/20/18

Happy Friday! I feel like the weeks are flying by this summer! Today is the boys’ last day of swim team practice. We have 2 more swim meets, but we are heading to the beach on Saturday so they’ll miss the last week of practice. I am linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share my favorites from this week.


Favorite 1: OUR POOL!! I love our pool. There aren’t a ton of members and I feel like I know a lot of people there. My kids can always find someone to play with in the pool, on the playground, or on the sport courts.  We had a fun Slip and Slide party on Friday and Mexican Night on Saturday evening.  Being on swim team and spending most days at the pool has turned my boys into great swimmers. This means that I am an official book reader at the pool! I keep an eye on Jack and Luke, but I can actually read this year and it is AMAZING!



Luke and his buddies built a fort.



Kourtni did a great job planning Mexican Night!


Everyone smile at Mexican night!


Enjoying a great book by the pool!

Favorite 2: J.CREW FACTORY!! I have always loved J.Crew style, but their clothes haven’t always been the best fit for me.  I decided to try the factory store when I saw this dress online.  I absolutely love it!  I am always on the lookout for a short sleeve T-shirt that isn’t see through or  too heavy. I found one here! I love this shirt and picked it up in green and pink.  I also gave the 5” shorts a try.  I did not have high hopes for these because I am a little curvier than your average J.Crew model. I was pleasantly surprised! I love the shorts and the prints.


I love this dress!


The T-shirt is so comfy and the pineapple shorts are a favorite!


Love gingham!

Favorite 3: BASEBALL!! The Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game are always a big deal at our house.  This year it was extra exciting because we just went to Nationals Park where the festivities were being held. The boys kept saying, “Remember that?” When they recognized different areas.  It was also pretty exciting when Bryce Harper won on his home field in such an incredible last round!


Excited to cheer on Bryce Harper!


Loving the All-Star Game!


Jack’s first All-Star Game in 2013


Jack was so excited to cheer on Manny Machado and Adam Jones in the 2015 All-Star Game!

Favorite 4: DREAMS OF FALLING!! I finished my Summer Beach Books list this week. I shared my reviews yesterday. Check them out! I was expecting to love most of these books because they are my favorite authors.  There were a bunch of 5 ☀️ books, but I have to say that my surprise love was Dreams of Falling by Karen White. I absolutely loved it!  It was fabulous! I highly recommend all of my 5 ☀️ books. Happy reading!!


Favorite 5: GOLFING!! Jack had a golf lesson on Monday and all four of us took our clubs out to the driving range.  I discovered that I haven’t hit balls in two years and it was pretty evident! After Jack’s lesson, we played a putting game and made it in for dinner right before a big summer storm came through. I was really impressed with how the boys are driving, chipping, and putting.  All that time on the backyard golf course is really paying off.   Jack’s back yard golf course is in the process of expanding.  We had the brush behind our house cleared this week and are in the moving forward with getting grass back there.


My guys are chipping back there


The backyard golf course is getting bigger!

We are heading to the beach tomorrow and I can’t wait! There are 5 families going together.  We all have 2 boys between 6 and 9 years old.  It is always a lot of fun and we get a lot of “No girls?”, or “How many boys do you have?”, or “Wow that’s a lot of boys!”. This year they all have the same bathing suit and it is going to be fantastic! I also have plans to go see Beatriz Williams at a local bookstore while we are at the beach.

Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!!

☀️ 📚 😎

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  1. Val says:

    Have fun at the beach!! Going to read your book review next. Have a stack of 3 waiting to be read, but always looking for more.

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