TBB Asks – April

I am joining The Blended Blog for the first time for TBB Asks: April – Spring Questions.  I’d love to hear your opinions on the questions too!


1 – What 3 colors remind you most of Spring?

I’d have to say pink, yellow, and green. I love the pink and yellow blooms in the garden, on my forsythia bushes, and on most of my Spring clothing. Green is a spring color for me because the world finally starts turning green – the grass gets greener, the trees start growing leaves, the flower start to break through the ground. All that green is most definitely a welcome sight!

2 – What is the first thing you add to your wardrobe in Spring?

I usually pick out at least one pair of spring shoes or sandals when the weather is still chilly. It gives me hope that the warmer Spring weather is coming!  This year I ordered 2 pairs that I love!

I also add a new dress or 2 for Easter and Preakness. It feels a little silly to be shopping for Spring when there is a threat of snow in the forecast but the bright Spring colors sure brighten up a gloomy Winter day.


Our annual Easter photo


Preakness 2017

3 – What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in Spring?

My heavy, winter coat! I hate wearing coats and can’t wait to ditch it when it starts to warm up. Don’t get me wrong, I love my coat and it keeps me warm, but the second I can go without it I do!


This was a 5K I did last winter with my mom. I love this coat!

4 – Who mows the lawn where you live?

Jeff, always Jeff. I have never mowed a blade of grass or weed whacked a single weed and that is just fine by me!

5 – What’s Spring like where you live?

It starts out chilly. We had a snow storm on the first day of Spring in Maryland but usually warms up by mid- to late April. I always hope for nice and hot by mid-May so the pool can be a little warmer for Memorial Day weekend.

6 – What’s your favorite thing about Spring?

I love all the outside time we get in Spring.  Jack, my 9 year old, is always outside no matter what the weather is, but I am a little bit pickier about temperatures. I love to be outside in the sunshine! We enjoy the sunshine during lunch at work, after school, and at all the sports practices and games.  We have a covered deck so we’ve even played out there when we have a warmer Spring rain.


Bike riders and running = favorite Spring activities

7 – Are you a Spring Cleaner?

I am a Spring cleaner outer. I’d like to think that I am a Spring Cleaner, but the truth is I’m not. I don’t love to clean and I never really have.

8 – Are you a baseball fan?

YES, YES, YES! As I type this we are watching the Orioles game on tv. We went to our first O’s game on Sunday and have a few more planned this season.  Both of my boys, Jack and Luke, play baseball and I love to watch them play too.  This year we are cheering on the Cardinals (Jack) and the Muckdogs (Luke)!


Tough loss for the O’s but we always have a good time at Camden Yards!


Jeff and the boys at Youth Baseball Day at Camden Yards in 2017

9 – Tulips or Daffodils?

I think you mean tulips AND daffodils! I couldn’t pick a favorite! I love the sunny bloom of a daffodil and have lots of childhood memories delivering bunches and bunches of daffodils after Daffodil Days!  Tulips come in so many beautiful spring colors and I love to have them in vases around the house. I have given up planting them in my garden because deer or chipmunks or some other lovely little animal eats the bulbs every year.

10 – Favorite Outdoor Spring Activity?

I love when the weather is finally warm enough to really enjoy running outside. When it’s not too hot and not too cold, running is my favorite.  Aside from that, I love reading in the yard while my kids play or playing with them.

11 – Flowers in the Ground or in Pots?

I usually go for flowers in pots. We have a farm behind our house which means lots of little animals that like to munch on my flowers and their leaves so I have more success with pots.  I love hanging baskets on the porch and deck and a big potted flower assortment by the front door.

12 – Favorite Bird?

Oriole, of course!


13 – Car Wash or Wash Vehicles at Home?

I am a car wash girl. It’s quick and easy and the kids love going through the car wash so it is a triple win in my book!

14 – When do you pull out your sandals?

To be honest, I never really put them away. I pull out sandals any day that there is a chance of warm weather or sunshine. I am a big sandals girl and anytime I can wear them I am smiling!

I hope your day is filled with sunshine and books!  We head back to school today after a 4 day Spring Break.


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