Friday Favorites – 3/22/18

Happy Friday! This week brought all kinds of weather to Maryland and my favorites include all of the weather fun! I am linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share my list this week.

img_0001-1Favorite 1 – Warm Sunshine! Monday afternoon was so beautiful! Luke felt ready to ride his bike around the neighborhood while I ran so we hit the streets, and hills, of our neighborhood.  It was amazing! I only needed to run 1 mile but we ran a little more than that because Jack and Luke asked to add another road to the ride.  There were some steep hills (up and down) and the boys rocked it!  I was rocking my /yellow/ and my /wildflower/ as I ran to enjoy the sunshine and run wild and free (from my treadmill).


Favorite 2 – Snow Days! Sleet started coming down on Tuesday around 6 am, which seemed so odd since it was close to 70 Monday afternoon. It turned to snow and road conditions deteriorated so we got out of school 3 hours early.  And then we had 2 more snow days.  This was a wet, heavy snow that was fabulous for sledding and snowball making!! The boys played in the backyard, went sledding with Jeff, went sledding with me, and went sledding with friends.  This made for some pretty tired kids and some pretty funny hat hair!



Oh, hello Luke! What are you doing on the roof of the swing set?


Watch out below! This was great sledding snow!


Hot chocolate to warm up with peppermint marshmallows and whipped cream! Yum!


The most delicious way to warm up!


Winter hats + needing hair cuts = serious hat hair


Winter hats + needing hair cuts = hat hair!

Favorite 3 – Treadmills! Having a treadmill in my basement makes it pretty tough to skip a run.  Sometimes I feel like it is taunting me to get up and move my body, but most days I am so thankful I have it.  Today is day 447 of my run streak and there is no way I could have achieved that without the treadmill. Wednesday’s 5 miles needed my /purple/ flower because I had a lot of excuses to stop, but I powered through looking at the snow.

Favorite 4 – Water! I joined the Zooma Spring Clean Challenge and the first challenge is to make sure you are drinking enough water.  According to their formula I should be drinking 90-94 ounces of water each day.  That is way more than I was drinking.  I started Monday and made sure to get all the ounces in each day.  It is a lot of water, but I do feel good drinking it all.  Thursday I ended up drinking about 120!!


I’ve been drinking 4 of these a day this week. Feeling hydrated for sure.

Favorite 5 – Girlfriends! As I was thinking about my recent plans, I realized that I got to spend some good time with my 3 closest girlfriend groups.  That is so rare to see all of them in 2 weekends!  My college girlfriends were here earlier in March. I spent St. Patrick’s Day with my hometown girlfriends. I saw my Eldersburg friends at various sporting events across the last 2 weeks.  It was so nice to have time with each of them and I really felt lucky to have all 3 groups with me in such close proximity!! Sadly we didn’t take any pictures (newbie blogger fail) but it was so much fun that I’m ok with it. Imagine smiles and giggles over and over again and it will be like you were there with us! 🙂


This weekend the boys have their first winter swim meet. It’s a 2 day meet so we’ll be spending Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the pool.  Jack has an indoor soccer game. Both boys are supposed to have baseball practice.  Luke is supposed to have an outside soccer game on Sunday. I am not so sure about the outside games, but we’ll keep ourselves busy for sure.  I am looking forward to some reading time and spending the weekend with my favorite 3 Parsons!

Jack’s birthday is next weekend so we’ll be doing some birthday preparations! We only get 2 days for Spring Break, Friday and Monday, but it means we have a 4 day week so I’ll take it!

Have a super weekend full of sunshine and books!!
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