Friday Favorites – 3/9/18

It’s FRIDAY!! We made it everyone!! I am joining Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share my favorite things from this week. Enjoy!


Favorite 1 – Authors at School. We had Chris Barton at my school this week.  It was the first time I’ve had an author at school all day without the guidance from Debbie at my local bookstore or the author’s publicist.  It was an amazing success! He did 3 presentations (4th/5th grades, Pre-K/Kinderegarten/1st grades, and 2nd/3rd grades) and they were each perfect for the audiences.  Chris also ate lunch with some of our students that entered a local author contest. He inspired our students to read, write, and find the answers to their questions!! I love bringing published authors into my school!


Favorite 2 – Advanced Reader Book. I was so excited to open the mail on Tuesday and find an advanced reader copy of the book How Hard Can It Be?. I am so excited to start reading it.  New authors are always a favorite. I haven’t read anything by Allison Pearson and I cannot wait to read this one.  When I find an author I like, I typically read everything they have written.  I am hoping that I love Allison Pearson as much as I think am going to!  I’ll let you know what I think soon!


Favorite 3 – Sunshine. We had some sunshine this week and the boys headed outside to play golf.  They love being outside and I love it too! We put a golf hole in the back yard and Jack has created a full 18 hole course across our and our neighbor’s backyard.


Favorite 4 – Sneak Peeks of My Kiddos. As you may know, I work at my kids’ school.  I feel pretty lucky that I usually get to see them bopping down the hallway a few times a week. This week I happened upon a grade-wide DEAR time for Dr. Seuss’ birthday celebration. Look at this sweet reader!


Favorite 5 – Basketball. I do love to watch our kids play basketball. They have so much fun playing and they love that Jeff is their coach.  I love that it is never freezing cold or windy or rainy in a basketball game.  Jack’s season ended a few weeks ago and Luke’s season just ended last night.IMG_5442FE96F74F-25F3-42D7-9127-B202494176A5

That’s it for the week. We have a half-day at school tomorrow and the boys are looking forward to time with my mom and dad. Some of my college roommates are coming into town this week and I cannot wait to spend some time visiting with them!


Currently reading:

Personal: The Bookshop on The Corner by Jenny Colgan

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2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 3/9/18

  1. Melissa @ Loving Life Moore says:

    Oh my gooooosh! I forgot about drop everything and read! Those were my favorite moments in school growing up – and how fun is it that you can peek in on your littles! So cool that you had an author visit your school!

  2. Elaine Welte says:

    How fun was that author visit!!! I love when we have special guests at school! And don’t you love working where your kiddos go to school?! It’s such a blessing to be able to see them every day!

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